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Carolyn Graves.

Registered conveyancer

Carolyn Graves has been a registered conveyancer for over 25 years, and has a wealth of experience in many different aspects of conveyancing.

Working on Kaurna lands (Adelaide)

“Johnston Withers is a leader in electronic conveyancing, and I’m thrilled to be a part of their accomplished conveyancing team.”

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Carolyn's qualifications

  • Registered conveyancer

Carolyn's experience

Carolyn’s career in conveyancing began while working as a legal secretary in a commercial department of an Adelaide law firm. This led Carolyn to study conveyancing part time for four years until she graduated in 1994.

Apart from a two year stint working as quality coordinator for Western Mining at Olympic Dam, Carolyn has been a conveyancer ever since. She was initially a residential conveyancer but over time she has gained experience in large commercial settlements and developments.

Carolyn's expertise

Carolyn has a great deal of experience in both residential and commercial conveyancing transactions, land and community title divisions, family farm, deceased estate and matrimonial transfers, caveats and grants and variations of easements. She enjoys assisting clients with all types of property transactions, and strives to always ensure a good result and timely settlement for her clients.

Outside the Office

Carolyn’s interests include millinery, yoga, her two dogs and catching up with family and friends.

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