Megan Hender
    A lawyer by training, Megan has worked as a solicitor, a university lecturer and a senior manager in the Adelaide office of an international law firm.

    She is a member of, and a regular presenter and facilitator for, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, having served on a number of boards and committees. She currently sits as a member of
    • the board of the Adelaide Central Market Authority,
    • the board of the Adelaide Festival of Arts,
    • the Advisory Board of SA Leaders

    and chairs Connecting Foster and Kinship Carers SA.

    She is also an elected member of the City of Adelaide, and has recently served a stint as Deputy Lord Mayor.

    Since 2002 Megan has been working with partners, boards, senior managers and organisations in SA, Victoria, Queensland, NSW and NT principally in the following areas:
    • Strategy: helping individuals and organisations plan their future through personal mentoring, futures thinking, strategic planning, organisational reviews and evaluations
    • Risk: identifying risks and establishing systems to manage them
    • Communication: bringing clarity and logic to written communication and presentations.

    She is involved with Johnston Withers as a board member and consults on strategic planning initiatives.

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