The wine industry is booming, and there are plenty of jobs to be had.

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Following on from the $1.27 million in funding under the Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grants Program shared across 56 South Australian wineries so far, Wine Australia will soon be sifting through submissions from South Australian wineries eager to increase their international visitor profile.  $1 million dollars’ worth of federal International Wine Tourism State Grants are up for grabs in this state alone.

Both Federal and State governments recognise the significant impact the South Australian wine industry has on our national economy, driving the employment sector and accounting for much of the tourist dollar already.

The International Wine Tourism State Grants will provide funding for new international wine tourism initiatives by involved wineries.  This is excellent news for the state wine regions and promises to boost employment options for hospitality and other wine industry graduates.

Being able to create more jobs was a prerequisite to being awarded a state funding grant last year.  More than half a dozen wineries with cellar doors benefited from a total $122,000 in state funding grants awarded to the Clare Valley region in 2017.

While that is good news, a glance at Clare Valley reveals a raft of jobs currently on offer, but so far unable to be filled.  This creates its own conundrum.  The market is now rife for established local wineries and eateries to have their staff headhunted, and some businesses are reeling from high staff turnover.

It may be an opportune time to revise your industry employment contract to see if hospitality staff have the ability to forum shop, or whether employers may need to consider offering permanent contracts to casual staff, to prevent chronic staff shortages when both new and improved cellar doors and restaurants start opening for the first time this year.

Please also be mindful of the new liquor licensing laws introduced in December last year pursuant to the Liquor Licensing (Liquor Review) Amendment Act 2017.  To discuss how these changes may impact on your business, or to discuss any aspect of employment contracts, please contact one of our specialists at Johnston Withers.

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