Johnston Withers Lawyers has a strong reputation in the field of criminal law and a wealth of experience in representing clients charged with criminal offences.

We know that being charged with a criminal offence can be a very stressful experience regardless of the seriousness of the offence, and we understand the importance of having a professional advocate who can provide you with honest and practical advice.

We have offices in Adelaide, Murray Bridge, Clare, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Roxby Downs and we represent clients in all suburban and regional courts. We also have an out of business hours phone and web chat service just in case urgent assistance is required.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Adelaide & Regional South Australia can help with:

Criminal Law

  • Homicide offences – murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, conspiring to commit murder, causing death by an intentional act of violence or by use of a vehicle
  • Sex offences – rape, unlawful sexual intercourse, indecent assault, sexual exploitation or abuse, gross indecency, production, dissemination or possession of child exploitation material; offences relating to commercial sexual services
  • Violent offences – assault, causing harm or serious harm, choking, suffocation or strangulation, intervention orders, serious criminal trespass, endangering life or creating a risk of serious harm, possession of an object with intent to kill or cause harm, unlawful threats, stalking
  • White collar offences – fraud, forgery, money laundering, bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, blackmail, bribery or corruption of public officers, abuse of public office, tax evasion
  • Traffic offences – speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, refusal to take a breath test or drug screening test, driving without a licence or while disqualified, driving without due care, use of mobile phones, disobeying traffic lights or street signs
  • Drug offences – possession, manufacture, sale, supply, administration, consumption or storage of a controlled or prescription drug, controlled plant or prescribed equipment
  • Firearm and explosives offences – unauthorised possession, trafficking, possessing an unregistered firearm, manufacturing or altering firearms, handling a firearm whilst under the influence
  • Dishonesty offences – theft, robbery, making off without payment, dishonest use of documents, machines or merchandise.
  • Offences against property – arson, recklessly endangering property, using a motor vehicle without consent, contaminating goods
  • Offences against the public – rioting, affray, terrorism, participating in a criminal organisation, impeding an investigation, concealing evidence

Disciplinary Matters

Johnston Withers Lawyers also represent clients in relation to disciplinary matters, including allegations of corruption, professional misconduct, mal-administration and breaches of workplace codes of conduct.

How we can help

We can help by:

  • Providing you with advice if you are arrested, including what to do and what not to do, what your rights are and the court and investigation processes that will follow
  • Explaining the offence or offences you have been charged with, or the allegations against you, and the potential penalties you may be facing
  • Helping you to apply for bail, and ensuring you understand your bail conditions
  • Attending prison to take instructions from you, if you are detained, and gathering any relevant evidence
  • Attending police or disciplinary interviews with you and dealing with investigators, police and prosecutors on your behalf
  • Providing advice to help you decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty
  • Representing you in court, including making submissions for you in relation to sentencing, and appealing, if you are convicted