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Understand Your Rights with No Win No Fee Lawyers in Adelaide

Determining whether to proceed with a personal injury claim can be a stressful experience, but enlisting the support of no win, no fee lawyers in Adelaide can lighten your burden. After all, you may already be facing pain, medical expenses, lost income, and more. Knowing your rights is imperative for making the best choices for your case. At Johnston Withers Lawyers, we specialise in assisting clients with complex personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis.  This means we offer to defer our fees until your claim resolves; and if not successful we do not charge a fee.

What Situations Merit a Call to No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Adelaide?

Before moving forward with legal action, it is crucial to understand your rights and entitlements to compensation, and what should be your next step. Consider the following scenarios in which our representation for clients with personal injury claims is most critical.

  • When you face the pressure of time limits on your right to seek damages. The law sets limitations on how long a claimant can wait before filing an action in the Court; it is imperative to seek advice as soon as possible, rather than lose your legal rights.
  • When the facts of your case are complex. Some personal injury claims arise out of challenging scenarios with competing facts. Seeking the help of a lawyer willing to put in the time and effort to consider your case without requiring a large retainer can make all the difference.
  • When you do not have access to the funds necessary for a traditional legal effort. Simply put, no win, no fee structures are less financially burdensome to clients — and successfully securing a settlement still means a positive outcome even after fees.

Why Choose Our Firm’s No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Adelaide?

While the “no win, no fee” structure is a critical component of our services as personal injury lawyers; there are other reasons why we are ideally positioned to work on your behalf. By partnering with Johnston Withers Lawyers, clients:

  • Tap into our heritage of accessible and compassionate legal representation stretching back more than 75 years. We continue to carry on the legacy of our founders with our highly qualified lawyers.
  • Enjoy our broad presence throughout South Australia, which makes it simpler for you to access the assistance you require. Our five offices, including in Port Augusta, Roxby Downs, and Murray Bridge, are all easily accessible.
  • Rely upon friendly assistance that is easy to follow; we do not leave our clients “out of the loop,” instead, we seek to ensure you always have the latest information and updates on your case. We understand how important communication may be to you.

Johnston Withers Lawyers: Experience You Can Trust

We hold ourselves to a high standard and seek to provide accessible opportunities and unique solutions for all our clients. Everyone deserves equal access to the power of the law — we’re willing to roll up our sleeves to ensure you receive that access.

To assist you in making a start on your legal case, you may access a complimentary initial consultation to lay out the facts of the case and to receive some initial input on how you might proceed. Connect with our professional legal team today.

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