Collaboration by Design – Johnston Withers Lawyers MSI Global Alliance Membership

 In Commercial & Property

Preparing for our second MSI regional meeting in Fiji, we were challenged to think about the ways in which we might collaborate with other member firms. Ways in which we have worked together in the past and what benefits have come out of the collaboration so far, benefits for both our clients and our Firm.

Johnston Withers Lawyers have been a proud member of the MSI Global Alliance for 20 years. We have always believed the MSI Global Alliance would open many doors for our firm including the ability to compete with international firms and retain our clients even when they require legal assistance in multiple jurisdictions.  The regular MSI meetings around the region and globe provide us with a valued forum for the exchange of knowledge not just in relation to the application of the law but of practice management, marketing, business and operation methods. The alliance provides us with an opportunity for cross jurisdiction referrals and expanding our practice with international and interstate clients.

There have been many success stories over the term of our membership highlighting the benefits for clients. Benefits to clients we have referred to other MSI partners and clients that have been referred to us. Some of the tangible results include the ability to service one of our clients who required information about auction rules in each state. We emailed our MSI partners and had a brief on the relevant auction rules from every state member in a very short turn around. More recently we had an investor client who was restructuring their Australia wide property portfolio and we could trust the MSI partners in the other states to assist while still retaining control of the matter.

Benefits that our clients have received from our partnership with the MSI global alliance are also tangible. There are instant connections to trustworthy and like-minded lawyers and accountants across the globe and access to knowledge and information from other jurisdictions. Our clients can trust the relationships that we have built with the other MSI partners and they know they are in good hands.

It is also obvious to our clients that the relationships with the MSI partner firms go beyond a simple phone book directory.  Attending the regular meetings held in our region and globally, has led to strong relationships being established between the individual practitioners within the MSI firms. We understand each other and we know how each member firm operates and their strengths.

During the recent Australian/New Zealand/Fiji regional meeting collaboration was again at the forefront of discussions with a presentation by Matthew Harris of MSI Taylor in Brisbane on the accounting and legal issues faced by pharmacy clients leading to collaboration on a plan for servicing pharmacy clients across our MSI partner firms in all our region jurisdictions. We look forward to working together in this space.

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