Medical negligence occurs where the actions of a health provider (such as a doctor, hospital or dentist) are below an acceptable standard. Medical negligence is not only restricted to injuries which occur in the course of treatment, and can include the following

  • failure to properly diagnose
  • failure to treat
  • failure to perform surgery or provide medical services in a proper or adequate manner
  • failure to warn patients of risks prior to surgery or procedures

Although there are many circumstances which may amount to medical negligence, it is important to remember that all procedures carry risks and sometimes the best care and treatment may still be unsuccessful or lead to injury.

This is why it is important to have honest and professional advocates to give you advice on how best to proceed. Medical negligence is a complex area of law, and our experienced medical negligence lawyers in Adelaide have the knowledge and skills to navigate it.

If you believe you may have suffered personal injury, loss or damage due to medical negligence it is crucial you seek prompt and early advice about your potential entitlement. You should also keep all medical records so that Johnston Withers can best advise and act for you.