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We don’t generally use this blog to post about staff  – but we have some exciting news!

Sue Barry is moving on.  As some of you may know Johnston Withers bought Sue’s business, Sue Barry Conveyancing, about 2 years ago with a view to incorporating it into our Clare office.  That incorporation has now well and truly happened and Sue is moving on to pursue her other (many) family and business interests.

Sue’s business has been, and will continue to be, a huge boost to Johnston Withers – in Clare and more broadly.  She has brought a wide network of clients to the firm and run a thriving ‘business within a business’.  It’s our challenge now to make the most of that legacy.

We will be farewelling Sue formally in mid March.  Between now and then, expect to see some small changes.  The name will change (from Sue Barry Conveyancing to JW Conveyancing) and there will be associated changes to our logo, letter head, email addresses, etc.   What will not change is our service, and our dedication to making sure our clients’ conveyancing work is handled with care and diligence.

 Jason Bell will now be regularly visiting the Clare office.  Jason started his career in the country and worked as a country solicitor for over 20 years.  Since 2005  he has been based in Adelaide – working in family law, commercial law and estate planning.  He has maintained his rural roots and has developed particular expertise in the legal issues that face farming and other rural families. His unique combination of skills (working in  both family and commercial law) means he brings both a compassionate and practical approach to all that he does.  In particular , his knowledge of how to avoid the pitfalls associated with succession planning, particularly in a rural setting, are second to none.  Jason will be visiting Clare 2 or 3 days a fortnight.    Please ring Johnston Withers’ Clare office on 88421132 if you want to make an appointment to see him there.

Peter McCusker is now Senior Judge of the Industrial Relations Court.     Johnston Withers has produced some very distinguished lawyers.  (We are very proud that both the current Attorney General and the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court spent part of their early life in the law at our firm.  Lots of other ex-JW lawyers have gone on to make very significant contributions to the law.) That very impressive record has just got more impressive.  Judge Peter McCusker has been announced as the next Senior Judge of the Industrial Relations Court and President of the Workers’ Compensation Tribunal and the South Australian Employment Tribunal.  We congratulate Peter on this fitting recognition of life spent working passionately for industrial fair play.

Well known family lawyer, Vanessa Balnaves, is joining our Adelaide office.   We are thrilled to advise that the very experienced and well regarded family lawyer Vanessa Balnaves is joining our firm.  Vanessa has been running her own Adelaide family law firm for some time – and has a reputation for being thorough, thoughtful and practical.  Importantly she also prides herself on being cost conscious, working always to resolve rather than inflame.  Vanessa can be contacted on 8231 1110.

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