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Underpayment of wages. What does it mean for you?

Australia’s complex system of laws, award and agreements can lead to employers (particularly small businesses) unintentionally underpaying their employees. This can have significant consequences.

Casual vs permanent employment: what is the difference?

What is the definition of casual employment? All employees are either casual employees or permanent employees.

What is a Genuine Redundancy?

It is important to understand whether a redundancy is a genuine redundancy, as defined by the law, as this can have significant consequences

Your Right to Freedom from Discrimination and Harassment at Work

There are a number of federal and South Australian laws which prohibit various types of discrimination in workplaces.

How Federal and State Governments are getting tougher on wage theft

Wage theft, a term popularised in political circles, can refer to the deliberate withholding of money owing to workers or an inadvertent failure to honour workers’ entitlements. Either way, businesses and individuals are up for serious penalties – or even jail time – for underpaying employees.