Johnston Withers

Emma Godson (nee Wilkinson).

Practice leader: Wills and estates

Emma’s 20 years of estate law experience makes her the perfect person to head up our wills & estates team.

Working on Kaurna lands (Adelaide)

I pride myself on being responsive to clients, straight talking, realistic in my advice, and cost conscious.

Emma's qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Laws

Emma's experience

Prior to joining Johnston Withers Lawyers, she practised commercial law and general practice in Hobart, Tasmania. She joined Johnston Withers in 2005, initially working in the Port Augusta office.

Emma's expertise

Emma’s 20 year career spans every facet of wills and estates, including obtaining probate, managing estates and resolving estate disputes. It is work that she loves – and given that many of her new clients are referred by her former clients – it is work at which she obviously excels.

She brings a clear commercial eye and a wide perspective to all that she does. She also brings her formidable negotiation skills and her constructive approach to problem solving. She prides herself on being responsive to clients, straight talking, realistic in her advice, and cost conscious.

Outside of Law

Emma spends her spare time with her family and loves to explore Adelaide’s beaches and cafes.

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