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Richard Bradshaw.

Special counsel

A former director of Johnston Withers Lawyers and now special counsel, Richard is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading practitioners in the area of Aboriginal land rights, native title and heritage law.

Working on Kaurna lands (Adelaide)

Since migrating from the United Kingdom, I have worked across Australia and grown my expertise in Aboriginal land rights and native title, defamation and commercial law.

Richard's qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (Law/European studies)

Richard's experience

Starting his working life as a commercial lawyer, Richard initially practised in England and Wales. He migrated to Australia in 1978 and, after three years practising commercial law in Sydney, was appointed a senior legal officer (and subsequently the principal legal officer) of the Pitjantjatjara Council (APY) based in Alice Springs.

There he advised the Council, APY and Ngaanyatjarra Council on land, mining, commercial and other legal issues. Richard joined Johnston Withers in 1990 and became a director of the firm in 1996, bringing with him his expertise in Aboriginal land rights and native title, defamation and commercial law.

Richard's expertise

Richard works with Aboriginal groups in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. He:

  • Acts on behalf of claimants in native title claims (including compensation claims)

  • Negotiates mining and petroleum exploration and production agreements in relation to Aboriginal freehold and native title land

  • Negotiates joint management agreements and ILUAs in relation to national parks and other conservation areas

  • Negotiates with governments, mining companies and other bodies

  • Advises Land Councils and other representative bodies on land rights, native title and related commercial issues

  • Advises on laws for the protection of Aboriginal heritage

Richard’s other primary area of practice is defamation law. He was involved in the landmark Chakravarti High Court decision, which resulted in our client being awarded what was at the time the state’s highest defamation payout. He has represented a number of high profile clients (including South Australia’s then Premier, Mike Rann) in their defamation actions.

Richard has authored and presented many papers on land rights and native title, and also on defamation.

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