‘Tis the season to party — but only if you are over 18

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We are in the midst of the festive season and the State Government has cracked down on the supply of alcohol to minors (i.e. anyone under the age of 18). This crack down is focusing on parties and events with large groups of teenagers.

Under 18’s can still drink at a private residence as long as they have responsible supervision (and parental consent)

Responsible supervision under the Act means;
  1. Directly supervise the teenager when drinking;
  2. Should not be intoxicated; and
  3. Should not allow the teenager to be intoxicated.

So, what about drinking at parties on private premises?

If a party is being hosted at a residential property, and under 18’s are drinking, the responsible supervisor MUST have obtained all teenagers parents’ permission and ensure they follow the rules for a responsible supervisor (as listed above).

This only applies to parties on residential premises and cannot be held on any property that is deemed non-residential (i.e. sheds, warehouses, out buildings etc).

If you wish to supply your teenager with alcohol to take to a party, you (the parent or guardian of the minor) must guarantee their will be responsible supervision (as above).

Remember any adult who supplies (has given or sold) alcohol to a minor and has breached the above conditions could be liable for a $500 on-the-spot fine or a maximum penalty of $10,000.

Any minors who are caught with alcohol can be liable for a $210 on-the-spot fine or a maximum penalty of $2,500.

The owner of the residence could potentially be open to claims against them for negligence or breach of statutory duty if an injury or damage occurs as a result of a breach of these rules- be very careful before deciding what you might allow.

So, party safely this summer, and make sure you follow the rules (that goes for you too mums and dads!)

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Written by – Caitlin Walkington


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