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Some people neglect to hire wills lawyers in Adelaide because they assume drafting a will is straightforward. However, a wills lawyer can ensure your will complies with the law, minimise the risk of estate disputes; reduce your tax obligations and much more. Moreover, they can act as your executor in the event you require somebody else independent or legally qualified to represent your legal affairs. Below, we explain why our services are often essential.

 The Importance of Estate Planning Lawyers in Adelaide

Writing a will and dividing your estate may seem straightforward, but all sorts of problems can arise due to improper planning. Here are three reasons why hiring a wills lawyer is crucial:

  • Lawyers can ensure your will complies with legal requirements: A lawyer can attest to your mental state when you create your will and ensure it conforms to legal guidelines. They can also advise you on matters such as whether you’re allowed to give away a larger share of your estate to one family member than another. Lawyers can give you important legal advice about your assets and how they work in connection with your will generally and your circumstances.
  • Lawyers can prevent disputes: Disputes regarding your estate can arise after you pass away for many reasons, some more complicated than others. For example, you might wish to leave your two children an equal share of your assets. If you have a bank account worth $500,000 and a house worth the same, giving one asset to each child may seem like common-sense. However, what happens if your funeral fees are taken from your bank account or your property’s value decreases? A lawyer can help you divide your estate fairly and minimise the risk of disputes.
  • Lawyers can remove the confusion surrounding joint assets: If you own shares of a property or business, you might assume you can leave what’s yours to whomever you wish. However, what you can give away depends on many factors, such as insurance policies, contractual agreements and decision-making rights and the way in which the ownership of the asset is registered. A legal professional can help you resolve any issues before you pass away.

 What You Can Expect from Johnston Withers Lawyers Regarding Estate Planning Lawyers in Adelaide

When you partner with us, you can rest assured we will:

  • Explain all your options in detail: Instead of guiding you along the clear legal pathway, our lawyers discuss all your options in detail so that you can reach your own solutions. You can rest assured our lawyers always prioritise your best interests.
  • Keep your will updated and secure: Your desires and the value of your assets may change significantly before you pass away. Part of our job is ensuring your will always reflects your current wishes. We’ll also store it securely on your behalf.
  • Ensure the dividing of your estate goes smoothly: Our work doesn’t cease when you pass away. If we are your executor or your executor instructs us, we remain involved until your estate has been given to your beneficiaries. We’ll ensure your wishes are met and that legal disputes don’t arise.

 About Johnston Withers Lawyers

At Johnston Withers Lawyers, we’ve been helping people write wills, acted as powers of attorneys and represented clients in legal disputes concerning estate planning for over 75 years, meaning you can rest assured we have the required knowledge and experience to secure the best outcome for you.

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